The Reiki Shrine

The Reiki Shrine is a non-for profit organization, offering classes for healthy living.

It was founded by Rev. Maria Antonieta Revello and Dr. Raul Revello to openly share knowledge to the community about wholesome healthy living.


At the Reiki Shrine, we explore Natural Therapies recognized for their benefits.

Reiki is the energy of the Divine Consciousness. It is a vibrational or subtle energy therapy, facilitated by light touch or non-physical contact. It can be done at distance as well, with equal effectiveness.


At the Reiki Shrine, we have an ample repertoire of therapies and classes given by local and invited, out of the country instructors.

Classes are given in English and Spanish.

The Reiki Shrine is a proud member of the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT) and the International Light Association.

We invite you to look at our “calendar of events” for the latest classes, and to visit us soon!